Blu Giovello: new wines, new label

Blu Giovello has been “re-styled.” 

Blu Giovello is a wine brand brought to market several decades ago by Piera Martellozzo SPA and its importer for wine drinkers in the U.S.  In Italian, the word “Blu” means dark blue, and “Giovello” is simply a combination of the words “giovane and bello,” meaning “young and beautiful.” The new wines come in a handsome dark blue bottle with a striking new label featuring a dragonfly, attempting to capture the essence of the name. 

My interest in this product was piqued recently by my friend Irene Grazziotto at Studio Cru, who arranged with the people at Piera Martellozzo SPA to have their U. S. importer, Tri-Vin Imports, Inc. send me some samples to taste. 

As is my preference, we tasted with my wife’s excellent meals. Here are the results of our tasting.

A bottle of Blu Gilvello. PHOTO: Terry Duarte.

A bottle of Blu Gilvello. PHOTO: Terry Duarte.

The first wine we tasted was a Blu Giovello Prosecco DOC Frizzante, an 11% alcohol offering made from 100% Glera grapes. The grapes were lightly pressed and vinification accomplished at controlled temperatures for ten days. Second fermentation was done using the Charmat method in stainless steel for one month. The Prosecco was served with antipasti consisting of various cheeses, salami and fried melanzana (eggplant) sticks served with a homemade tomato sauce. The wine was straw yellow in color with a fruity nose. It finished medium and was an excellent accompaniment to the antipasti. Since I am not a devotee of “frizzante” wines, I did not rate this but I can say that everyone who tried it found the Blu Giovello Prosecco to a very pleasant wine that was enjoyable to drink.

Our second wine was a 2019 Pinot Grigio DOC Delle Venezie, a 12% alcohol offering made from 100% Pinot Grigio grapes. The grapes were softly pressed and then fermentation took place at controlled temperatures of 17-18°C. After this, the wine rested on the lees at 12-13°C for about six months in order to allow for a more complex and mellow structure. The Pinot Grigio was served with lightly battered Barramundi fish filets sautéed in lemon and butter accompanied by rice cooked with onions and orange slices and sautéed vegetables. The Pinot Grigio was a pale yellow in color with a strong fruit nose. It finished medium and very smooth and proved an excellent accompaniment for the fish. I liked this wine and rated it a 90.

I liked everything about these Blu Giovello wines from the packaging to the wines themselves. 

Thanks to the folks at Piera Martellozzo SPA and Tri-Vin for providing these wines. Both are reasonably priced and I recommend them for your pleasure.

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