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To sign up, go to TalkShoe Signup Page. It's safe, and it's free.

  • Enter a first and last name (pseudonyms are fine).
  • Enter a working email - I have never received spam from them.
  • Enter a password

    They want age, gender and zipcode info for future audio ads. Put whatever you feel is right.

    Check the "I have read and accept..." box, optionally actually reading the TOS.

    Uncheck the "mail me unless you want to get news about TalkShoe.

    The next page will ask for a PIN. While they recommend using your phone number as it will be easy to remember, you can chose ANY 10 digit number. If it is taken, you'll need to try another number. This number will be your unique id, so there's no getting around it.

    Calling in during the show

    Each TalkCast has a unique identifier. To listen, chat on or participate in any Cast, you will need to call the TalkShoe telephone number. You will be asked for the show id and your id. Each of these numbers is ended by the # key, not unlike calling your bank's vocal server. For example, TalkShoe ID is 11888, so after calling the number, as soon as you hear the auto message begin, enter


    Then the voice will request you enter your 10 digit PIN (yes it's a pain, I know) so if this were 1234567890 you would enter

    1234567890# (this should be your PIN)

    That's all there is to it! (Irony)

    Actually, it's not all there is to it if you want to use the text chat or listen while watching the text chat. To do this you'll need to download a program that allows you to do these things.
    Try it, you may like it, there's nothing dangerous here, but if it doesn't work for you, let it go, you can still listen live or to the recorded versions.


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