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Great Seattle Port Weekend Photo Gallery
© copyright May 2003 by Roy Hersh
Photos courtesy of Dorene Hersh

Richard Mayson Richard Mayson
Richard Mayson

Jorge Moreira
Jorge Moreira, Winemaker at Quinta de la Rosa
Jorge Serodio Borge
Jorge Serodio Borge, Assistant winemaker at Niepoort

Neocleous, Macleith and Napolitano
From left: Nicos Neocleous (UK), Dan Macleith (CA) and Paul Napolitano (NY)
Collins, Napolitano
Greg Collins (CO) and Trish Napolitano (NY)

Miller, Bucko
Michael Miller (TN) and Dr. Randy Buckner (WA)
Hersh, Golodetz
My brother, Mitch Hersh (CO) and Mark Golodetz (NY)

Chuck Miller
Chuck Miller (Owner, Seattle Wine Storage)
Michael and Nicos
Michael Broadbent and Nicos Neocleous

Roy and Taylor
Me And Mini Me (Taylor, no relation to the Port)

Roy Hersh

July 2, 2003

The 2003 Great Seattle Port Tasting

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