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Online since 1994, WineLoversPage.com is dedicated to the premise that fine wine is a feast for all the senses — including the mind. … And that you don’t have to be a snob — or wealthy — to appreciate wine’s pleasures.

We offer you objective consumer-oriented tips on wines of good value, and make you a part of our international online community of wine lovers who enjoy intelligent talk about good things to eat and drink. Whether you’re new to the world of wine, an expert wine taster or a wine professional, you’ll find something to interest you on WineLoversPage.com.


Known as WLDG for short, this is the Internet’s original Web-based wine discussion forum, online since 1995. Our international corps of participants share a commitment to civil and intelligent talk about wine and wine-related issues. Associated forums discuss food and wine, wine travel and more. We also offer moderated chat sessions. It’s an online home for advanced wine enthusiasts and wine professionals to discus cutting-edge issues and techniques. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you’re welcome in our WineLovers Discussion Group.


Subscribe to our free email bulletin, The 30 Second Wine Advisor. In each issue, you’ll get a short wine-tasting tip or short fact about wine appreciation, a quick tasting report on one or two good, currently available wines of good value in a variety of price ranges, and links to online wine items of interest.


Two core principles make WineLoversPage.com unique: We make wine accessible to a wide range of readers – beginners, experts and professional. And we pay for the wines we review – to avoid conflicts of interest.

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