Leacock’s “Rainwater” Medium Dry Madeira

Leacock's Rainwater Madeira

Pretty, bright and clear reddish-gold color, somewhere on the spectrum between copper and bronze. Delicious characteristic Madeira aroma, walnuts and a whiff of lemon that carry over on the palate with a back note of something intriguingly akin to dark chocolate. Good acidity to give structure, balancing a distinct note of fresh-fruit sweetness, and there’s a bit of warmth on the back of the palate from 18% alcohol. Walnuts and mouth-watering citrus lingering in a very long finish. U.S. importer: Premium Ports & Madeiras, San Francisco. (Sept. 21, 2017)

FOOD MATCH: “Best served as an aperitif, lightly chilled,” advises the winery on the back label, although its description as a “soft slightly fruity dry wine” may come as a surprise: It’s dry only in contrast with the significant sweetness that’s more typical of the Madeira genre. I wouldn’t try it as a dinner wine – it’s too sweet for that – but it does go well with a bite of mild, buttery cheese. The importer also suggests using it in cooking: “Even a dash will brighten meat and vegetable dishes.”

WHEN TO DRINK: Madeira lasts pretty much forever, in the cellar, on a wine rack, or even in an opened bottle.

It’s a little irritating when my local price comes in as much as $5 over Wine-Searcher.com’s $15 average retail. On the other hand, this fine fortified wine probably justifies a $20 price tag.

This importer’s fact sheet contains an overview of Leacock and its wines and Madeira in general. Here’s another article about Leacock’s from the Madeira Shopping website.

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