Red wine value? En Gard!

As if to teach me a lesson for whining about the disappearance of quality everyday wine at prices I can afford, the Fates have shown me a delicious, old-style French red for just $7.99.

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I’m not saying that this is something that happens often, and I have to confess that the wine in question may not be easy for all of you to find wherever you live. But it’s worth a shot.

Perhaps more important, this specific wine illustrates a broader principle that I’ve suggested before: If you’re looking for value, focus your search on the regions and grape varieties that aren’t widely sought after or known for their “trophy” status or critical acclaim.

Like Gard, for example, a French wine region that is not, for most people, a household name. I have a certain affection for it because, in French, it’s prounounced “Gar,” with only that throaty French “r” distinguishing it from my own more Germanic last name.

L'Échansonnerie des Papes

The “Pope’s wine cellar key” of Chateauneuf-du-Pape’s L’Échansonnerie des Papes.

This coincidence prompted some gentle bilingual punning and ribbing when I had the honor of being inducted into Chateauneuf-du-Pape’s L’Èchansonnerie des Papes some years ago, and given a (non-working) key to the Pope’s wine cellar on a velvet ribbon as a wine writer who had said nice things about the region’s wine. So there’s that.

But that’s not important right now. We’re here to talk about Gard, which is strategically placed on the east bank of the Rhone opposite Avignon, where the Southern Rhone, Provence and Languedoc meet. Much of the wine there is labeled IGP (“Indication Géographique Protégée“) the regulated moniker for regional wines that has replaced the old “Vin de Pays” (“wine of the country”).

Today’s bargain wine, Reserve de la Saurine 2014 Gard IGP from Vignerons Laudun Chusclan, is a typical regional blend of Grenache, Carignane and Syrah, a tasty red mix that could come from just about anywhere in Southern France.

These grapes, plus Mourvedre, are typical of Gard, according to’s excellent report on the region.

But, Wine-Searcher adds, Gard IGP wines may be made from a large list of grape varieties. Most are made from the classic Mediterranean blends, but Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are also used by growers, along with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for the whites. “Rosé also makes up a sizeable chunk of Gard IGP wines, betraying the department’s location on the edge of Provence.”

I would have been happy with this wine at twice the price. As reported below, it’s a bit on the rustic side with its acidity and tannins, but it’s fine with food, and one heck of a value!

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Today’s Tasting Report

Reserve de la Saurine 2014 Gard ($7.99)

Reserve de la Saurine

Dark ruby in color, it’s clear but not transparent. Its attractive aromas center on red fruit, raspberry and a little strawberry and plum. It’s not a “fruit bomb,” but fresh and appealing. Crisp and tart, good raspberry flavor fills the mouth with food-friendly acidity, modest 12.5% alcohol, and slightly rough yet palatable tannins. Light berries and a hint of stony minerality linger in a good, long finish. A bit “rustic,” but a great value at this price! U.S. importer: Cutting Edge Selections Inc., Mariemont, Ohio (March 16, 2016)

FOOD MATCH: Linguine with fennel, onions and garlic and fresh tomato sauce.

WHEN TO DRINK: These modest French country table wines aren’t meant for cellaring, and yet … its good balance and perceptible tannins make me wonder if it might evolve a bit over three or four years in a good, temperature-controlled cellar.

VALUE: It doesn’t get any better than this! Yes, it’s more “rustic” than “elegant,” but it’s a fun, old-style French table wine at a 1980s price. If you can find it, load up. If you can’t find this one, ask your merchant about other value reds from Gard.

The producers, Vignerons Laudun Chusclan, have an extensive website in French only, but you can read the front page in English at this link.

The bloggers at the British Demi Tour Wine Blog have an informative article about Laudun Chusclan and its wines here.

Compare prices and find vendors for a limited selection of Reserve de la Saurine Gard on

The U.S. importer, Cutting Edge Selections, may be able to offer suggestions on finding the wine in the U.S. through the contacts listed here.

To find other wines and producers from Gard, check the Gard page on and page down to the long list of wines at the foot of the page.


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