Organic wine? Here’s a good one

Organic grapes

Today I’m going to tell you about a really good, reasonably priced, organic wine. Does this announcement make any of you want to run away? Organic food and drink, it seems, is controversial. I have friends who swear by organic; friends who believe it’s a waste of money, and probably the largest group, those in the middle.

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Perrin “Nature”

Perrin "Nature"

Perrin “Nature” shows a pretty garnet color, clear and fairly dark. Good, open scents of ripe raspberries and raspberry liqueur and a subtle touch of licorice lead into a fresh, bright flavor of red and black berries and a dash of white pepper, framed by mouth-watering acidity and perceptible tannins. It’s made from certified organically grown Grenache and Syrah grapes.

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Try a Soave: You’ll like it

Image from the Soave Consorzio trade association,

Who’d like a nice glass of Soave? If this question prompted you to roll your eyes, you may want to consider an attitude adjustment. Yes, it’s true that this Italian white wine from the Veneto region of Northeastern Italy earned itself a rather lackluster reputation over recent generations. But times have changed.

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Tenuta Santa Maria “Lepiga” Soave

Tenuta Santa Maria

Made from the Veronese Garganega variety, this attractive Soave from Tenuta Santa Maria is a light greenish color, a distinct brassy hue. Its light but delicious aromas speak of orange peel and lemon alongside subtle pear and melon scents. Its dry, pleasantly acidic flavor fills the mouth with gentle mixed-fruit flavors that follow the nose, with hints of fresh herb and limestone minerality with light 12.5% alcohol. Remarkably, there’s a distinct whiff of salt – a common descriptor for Soave – in a long, snappy finish.

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Determination and love of land at Cantina Pertinace


Cantina Pertinace is a cooperative located near the town of Treiso in the Langhe Valley of Piedmont not far from the city of Alba. The Cantina Pertinace cooperative consists of 20 growers who produce a variety of grapes,including Nebbiolo, Barbera, Arneis, and Dolcetto. It has a total of 110 hectares of vineyard under cultivation from which it produces approximately 800,000 bottles/year including 250,000 bottles of Barbaresco.

The winery proudly states that its Barbaresco is produced in the Classic Style … Read article.

Falanghina del Sannio Taburno

Falanghina del Taburno

This 100% Falanghina comes from the Benevenuto area in the Falanghina del Taburno wine region on the slopes of Mount Taburno northeast of Naples in Southern Italy. It offers a good represenation of the Falanghina grape with its clear golden color and pleasant, forward aromas of ripe pears with a back note of pineapple. Its mouth-filling flavor follows the nose with luscious ripe fruit.

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Vintage Ports: not Italian, but very good


Every once in awhile, I write about wines that are not Italian. Today is one of those times.

My friend, Tori Domenico at Wagstaff Media & Marketing, recently sent me three vintage ports that Wagstaff represents. I must now state that I do not profess to be a connoisseur of Port wines, having only recently begun to enjoy them. However, I would be remiss if I failed to report my experience while tasting these, but I do not rate … Read article.

How does climate change taste?

Climate change photo by NASA

As we live through a year of pandemic, monster fires, extreme weather events, warming temperature in many regions, shrinking ice sheets, rising sea levels and so many more strange events, it’s becoming difficult to deny that Earth’s climate is changing. But can we taste climate change?

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