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Because of the pandemic, Neil Duarte wasn’t able to travel to Italy at all last year, so Italy came to him. Well, Italian wines, anyway. The Wellcom marketing firm helped him out by getting Italian wines to him. Recently he received some Mandrarossa wines, which he reviews in this article. Read article.

St. Laurent: The best red wine you never tried

Saint Laurent grapes in June 2020, shown on Weingut Erich Sattler's Facebook page. "St.Laurent-Trauben kann man im Moment förmlich beim Wachsen zusehen! You can really watch the grapes growing at the moment!"

Have you ever tasted a St. Laurent? I’m sure some of you have, and you might be getting ready to fire off an email taking me to task for claiming that you’ve never tried it. But if this Austrian red grape is still a mystery to you, St. Laurent is well worth getting to know.

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Sattler Burgenland St. Laurent

Erich Sattler Burgenland St. Laurent

A subtle but delicious delight at cool cellar temperature, Erich Sattler Burgenland St. Laurent is an Austrian red wine you’ll want to get to know. Dark reddish-purple in color, it offers appealing aromas of mixed black cherries, cranberries, a whiff of pomegranate, and an intriguing hint of woodsmoke. Bright, palate-cleansing, and dry, tart berry flavor framed by mouth-watering acidity.

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“Dr. L” Mosel Riesling

"Dr. L" Mosel Riesling

A bowl of delicious white fruit offers itself in the appealing scent of this excellent pale-straw color “Dr. L” Mosel Riesling. Peach, apple, and honeydew melon scents invite a taste, which presents similar ripe and juicy fruit shaped by crisp acidity that holds its perceptible fresh-fruit sweetness in balance. Stony minerality and tart acidity takes over with lemon, lime, and tangerine zest in a very long finish. It’s good with food and an appealing sipping wine as hotter summer days approach.

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Madone Beaujolais-Villages Le Perréon

Domaine de la Madone

A whiff of fresh wild strawberries, typical of Gamay, comes up at first when Domaine de la Madone Beaujolais-Villages Le Perré is poured, but with time in the glass it gives way to a more interesting mix of red and black fruit and a sudden jolt of anise. Beautifully balanced on the palate with 13% acidity, it offers bright and juicy berry fruit, bone-dry, tart, and free of oak, with stony minerality in the finish.

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